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'I Switched From Disposable To Reusable Cotton Pads—Here's What Happened'

I don’t know approximately you, but information of massive trash islands in the Pacific and plastic particles in our faucet water have left me feeling pretty darn guilty approximately the quantity of waste that I generate. So, little by little, I’ve made the obvious changes like transferring to reusable glass meals bins and purchasing luggage and making sure I recycle things the proper way—and i idea i used to be doing a quite properly activity.

Then I heard a loopy stat: An envisioned 20 billion disposable pads and tampons are thrown away each 12 months in North america by myself, with the average woman going via approximately 17,000 in her lifetime. Cue extra guilt.

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but what ought to I do? I suggest, I want to use something when Aunt flow comes to city, and i’m simply quite intimidated with the aid of the Diva Cup (though one of our editors swears with the aid of it). So I did a little studies and subsequently settled on what I idea become the least frightening (and the prettiest) choice available: the hannahpad—a line of reusable, perfume-free material pads made with organic cotton that seemingly ultimate 3 to 6 years if you take desirable care of them.

after I reached out to the agency and advised them I wanted to write about my enjoy the usage of the pads, they agreed to send me the only Week Set, plus a carrying case, drying hanger, and probiotic soap (shown below). I felt sort of ready to devote—as a minimum for one cycle. here’s what occurred once I did.

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hannahpad set
THEY have been way much less convenient IN some ways
The hassle with reusable pads—you can’t throw them away after you use them. obviously. but it’s nevertheless disturbing and to start with sort of gross. happily, hannahpad offers a carrying case (that may be easily wiped down) to transport them in. but still, it was awkward, and on every occasion a co-employee stated good day to me within the hallway I had to suppress the impulse to respond, “hello Jen, I’m toting a package of soiled sanitary napkins in my handbag, so matters are a bit bizarre proper now, but i am hoping you’re properly. How changed into lunch?”

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also, washing become them became a b*tch. all through my first go-round with the hannahpad, I foolishly saved up all of my used pads and tossed them into the washing gadget at once. Mistake. After three rounds they nonetheless weren’t clean and i used to be having severe guilt approximately the amount of water i was wasting. after I emailed a person at the company, she told me hand washing with unscented castile soap or a detergent like 7th era changed into high-quality (or as a minimum pre-soaking before you toss them into the machine). after I gave it some other move and clearly worked that cleaning soap into the pad via hand, i found that maximum of the stains got here out without a trouble—and that i were given a actually splendid arm workout technique.

hannahpad field set
but way extra handy IN different methods
The fact that you can’t throw reusable pads away is also (kind of) great as it manner you in no way run out of them—so even if my period stuck me by surprise and got here a bit early one month, I’d by no means be stranded without components. and that i don’t recognize approximately you, but I in no way freakin’ maintain track of my cycle, so it turned into satisfactory to realize I’d in no way should create a makeshift pad out of rest room paper while I ran to the shop for a few tampons. (Don’t even judge me, you’ve been there.)

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THEY DIDN’T sense cumbersome OR show through MY PANTS
women, I even wore them with yoga pants—and while, yes, you could see the clean outline of my complete-insurance granny panties, you could not see any trace of the hannahpad. In reality, these reusable pads were thinner than maximum disposable pads i've used, even as still being quite absorbent. The snap button on the pad’s wings ensured that it stayed in region nicely too. (test out those 6 ingredients scientifically proven to fight PMS.)

i was fearful about overnight LEAKAGE, but THEN...
i found the high-quality extremely overnight hannahpad. nothing’s getting beyond this child. just observe it! I imply, I’m a almost 6-foot tall girl and this thing is the size of my torso. It did now not fail. usually, I must double up with a pad and a tampon in a single day at some point of my heaviest days to keep away from staining my pajamas or mattress sheets, so i was skeptical that hannahpad should take care of the process, but she sure did. (just please, please don't wear this one with yoga pants.)

superb hannahpad
now not to provide you TMI, however after my duration week, my rest room trash is normally pretty loaded with used pads and tampons—a visible reminder of all the waste I’m growing. And because I wrap them up in a wad of lavatory paper before I remove them, they generate even more waste. So it turned into best to have that not appear for a alternate.

And sure, even though i used to be the use of water to clean them, I’m satisfied that due to the fact i used to be washing them by way of hand in a bucket, I wasn’t the use of an excessive quantity. (besides for that first time when I used the equal of a small lake.)

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WITH TIME, THEY FELT extra “everyday”
Reusable pads are one of these “exercise makes much less gross” kind of things. On my 2nd month, I learned to scrub my used pads every night time (in preference to saving them up), which intended stains took much less time to come out; and i was far much less self-conscious about the pads leaking due to the fact I knew they sincerely worked. i'm able to see how a person who’s inspired could lead them to part of their recurring.

WILL I maintain the usage of REUSABLE PADS?
at the same time as these received’t be my sole shape of duration protection, I’m truely going to apply them to supplement my normal disposable pad and tampon use. they may be a exquisite way to make sure I’m by no means stranded with out components, and they simply work definitely nicely. I suppose each girl ought to gain from having as a minimum some at her disposal—but order a pattern pad from the business enterprise to make certain you can deal with the protection before making an investment in a whole set.

at the identical time, I’m realistic sufficient to recognize that once I’m travelling or experiencing one of those extraordinarily annoying phases of lifestyles, having at hand wash my pads nightly might just cause a psychotic ruin. And on those days, I’ll opt for herbal, perfume-loose disposable pads (like these) and tampons (like these).

It’s all approximately stability, after all. As fitness- and environmentally aware consumers, we regularly experience like we need to dive into something one hundred% to make it really worth it. but the fact is, improving your habits in any manner still counts—and ensures that you gained’t lose your thoughts inside the procedure.

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